Each of the 5 Middlesex Centre stations is staffed by volunteer firefighters. Ilderton Fire & Rescue provides fire suppression & prevention, emergency medical, and rescue services to the citizens of Ilderton and surrounding Middlesex County. We have over twenty active firefighters and respond to numerous calls for Fire, Rescue, EMS and mutual aid. Firefighters carry voice pagers which alerts them to calls, then will respond from home or work.
All firefighters are trained to OFM standards. Every firefighter participates in the on-going weekly training/practice program. Some of the topics covered include; Scene Safety, PPE, Fire Behavior, Fire Control, Rescue and Extrication, Forcible Entry, Hazardous Materials (awareness), Fire Prevention and many other topics. Firefighters practice live fire exercises at the ESTC – Blyth Training Facility. All firefighters are certified annually in standard first-aid, CPR and Heart Defibrillator (SAED) though base hospital.
Fire Suppression
Ilderton Fire & Rescue is responsible for fire protection within the Ilderton Fire District. The Rescue-Pumper is capable of delivering up to a total of 1050GPM of water and carries 500 gallons of water on-board. The Tanker has 1000 gallons of water on-board primarily to assist in remote areas where municipal hydrants are not available. (See the Apparatus section for more details).
Rescue & EMS
Ilderton Fire & Rescue provides Rescue and EMS first responder services within the Ilderton Fire District. Ilderton Fire & Rescue also provides mutual aid to other nearby districts. Ilderton station has a Tanker and a Rescue-Pumper equipped to run EMS first responder calls. The Rescue-Pumper is equipped with first-aid supplies and hydraulic rescue tools for vehicle extrication. (See the Apparatus section for more details).
Environmental Services
Ilderton Fire & Rescue provides spills response to the Township of Middlesex Center. Ilderton station has a fully equipped trailer(Service2) and tow vehicle(Service1) equipped to respond to mitigate spills. (See the Apparatus section for more details).
Fire Prevention
Ilderton Fire & Rescue can provide fire prevention classes and demonstrations to local schools and other youth groups. Children are taught at a young age about fire safety and 911. We can provide community fire safety seminars on such things as portable fire extinguishers, home safety and other topics. If you would like information on a seminar for your school or non-profit group, please contact the Middlesex Centre Township Office in Coldstream.