Ilderton Firefighters

Serving our community since 1950

Recent calls

2023-12-01Start of 2024 year
2023-12-06Reported silo fire 9 Mile
2023-12-12CO Alarm on Ashwood
2023-12-14Structure Fire Coldstream
2023-12-15MVC on Richmond at 9 Mile
2023-12-21Medical Call on Periwinkle
2023-12-30Chimney Fire on Ilderton Rd
2024-01-08CO Alarm on Gwendolyn
2024-01-10MVC on Adelaide at 13 Mile
2024-01-12Vehicle Fire Medway Rd. Tanker
2024-01-13Open Burn on Stonefield
2024-01-18MVC on Ilderton e/o Wonderland
2024-01-22MVC on Hyde Park at 10 Mile
2024-01-23MVC on New Ontario at Hedley
2024-01-24Odour of gas on Ilderton Rd
2024-01-27CO Alarm on King St.
2024-02-03MVC on Wonderland and 9 Mile
2024-02-05MVC on Ilderton Rd near Denfield
2024-02-11MVC on Oxbow Drive
2024-02-13Grass Fire on Ilderton at Denfield
2024-02-15MVC Hyde Park at 15 Mile
2024-02-18Structure Fire in Lobo
2024-02-19Farm Accident on 12 Mile


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